We service all gas appliances to high standard. We never cut corners and safety is our main focus and our proudest value. We offer minor  and major boiler services and can tailor a price to suit your system. Some major services would include things like: lubricate the fan, clean condense trap, check expansion vessel and re-pressurise  if required , clean system filter, bleed every radiator of air, drain and dose with inhibitor, rebalance radiator system. This on top of all the other essential checks that we carry out on a minor service like: check combustion chamber, test combustion chamber seals, check spark electrodes, test fan at variable speeds, gas rate appliance or burner pressure test, check flue readings at max and min rate, check and test all safety devices, test alarms, check for leaks and many more. Drop us a message on the contacts page, email us or call now on 07566796040 for a friendly chat and discuss options. All our prices are subject to vat.