Inside your radiators floats metallic gunk and junk we call it sludge. It is the number one cause of radiators not heating up properly. It can also damage your system, make it’s less efficient and more expensive. It can also block and restrict pipes as well as radiators, affect hot water performance and even damage your boiler beyond repair. The fix to this is a powerflushing and the prevention is a system filter along with chemical dosing which keeps the water cleaner for longer. Powerflushing is chemical clean that removes sludge and it’s residue that has caked onto the inside of your pipes and Radiators and allows it to flow and circulate like brand new once again. Some systems only require a cleanse and not a full powerflush and this is always advised to have after a new boiler is installed.  Prices start from £299, enquire for our full list of powerflushing, cleansing and filter prices and offers. Not only can you get a free filter with every boiler but right now you get a free filter with every powerflush. All our prices are subject to vat.